Yoga Classes Training in Tirunelveli

Imayam Yoga Center

💥💥Yoga will be taught in your home by our specialist trainers. Women will be taught by female teachers. Online Classes are available.💥💥
⚡⚡Reduced Stress
⚡Emotional Balance
⚡Increased Focus
⚡Reduced Pain
⚡Reduced Anxiety
⚡Increased Creativity
⚡Reduced Depression
⚡Increased Memory.
🌹Online Class available in Tirunelveli
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🌹 Imayam yoga center in Tirunelveli
🌹 Yoga for Your Better Life
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⚡⚡ Imayam Yoga ⚡⚡
Town, Tirunelveli
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V. Maharajan D.Y.Sc.Ed., B.Sc., PGDYN, M.Sc(yoga) B.Lit.(Tamil)
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